A new companion

An unexpected guest turned up for our ride today from Last of the Summer Wine', namely Foggy along with twenty two riders but alas none of the other cast members, unless we include Paul N as Compo. Foggy suggested that we change our plans at the last moment with the idea of going to a train station. However, when we got there, the train at Rayne station was having a rest day and the tracks had been removed for engineering works. Not to be out done, as we were there, Foggy started cycling along the track bed towards Little Dunmow (navigating past dogs and walkers), saying that he thought this route was known as the Flitch Way. On arriving at Little Dunmow we found a turntable that turned us a

Are bikes like horses?

A hardy 28 met this morning and still some of the men persisted with their shorts despite the temperature hovering around zero. What a simply glorious day with beautiful sunshine and clear roads, albeit their was some ice around. I found quite a big patch but managed to balance on it for at least 2 seconds before succumbing gracefully to the floor. We set out out towards Rayne and congregated at the Railway Carriage. Here we split in to 2 groups - taking two routes to the coffee stop at Cressing Temple (knew we would get there sometime soon!) One group was taking a shorter route and the other the more Mick route. The group I was with went through Little Leighs, Ranks Green and finally White

Where are we stopping for coffee?

A bit of a grey day, but surprisingly warm for the time of year. BER riders are out in force with 27 riders setting off. Various whispers pass along the group as to where the break will be, with Cressing Temple being the favourite based on our journey out towards Cressing. However Mick's change of route to Black Notley, Rank's Green, Fairstead and Fuller Street dispels the whispers. We head for Great Leighs and a welcome break at the Castle. See how quickly the bikes are left when coffee and cakes are available! After refueling we head out towards Willow Green and straight in to a headwind. Hard work up to Willows Green (good time to slipstream someone!) and finally Rayne and then down

First ride of 2017

30 riders ready to go in slightly damp conditions but with the promise of some sun late in the ride. We headed out of town towards Freeport then Cressing, then Pattiswick and finally up towards Greenstead Green for a well earned coffee stop at the Farmshop - lovely piece of coffee and walnut cake. One puncture stop meant it took a bit of time to get going especially as none of the tubes would inflate. Don't forget to ensure you check your spare tubes to make sure they work. Then we were off, back via Sisted and into Braintree. Quick stop to re-align a back wheel and then we were home. Total distance 18 miles in 2 hours 33 mins excluding coffee break.

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