Witham and back

The last day of October dawned frosty and bright. The health & safety tip for the day comes first. When riding on frosty morning, be particularly careful when riding across manhole covers, or on tarmac that has been worn smooth by car tyres. These smooth surfaces get incredibly slippery when frost melts, and sudden braking will cause a skid. (I know, I’ve done it!). We congregated as usual at 10am at Drury Lane, and there must have been about 36 of us. The medium and long routes were similar, with the short route being somewhat more direct. Gifford led the medium group out south, down London Road, then along the cycle path through Great Notley. I was tail rider, and was talking with Peter an

Mick’s Friday 40 miler does The Rodings.

Friday dawned bright and cold. 10 Easy Riders turned up outside the Con Club, and pedalled off south along London Road. The Rodings are the largest group of villages in the UK to bear the same name – 8 in total. (I think there are 7 Hatfields) We turned right at Youngs End, opposite the Green Dragon. Somewhere along this next road, Paul managed our first puncture of the day – on the rear wheel! Adrian and Brian proved adept at making a team of 3 and getting Paul back on the road again, to catch up with the rest of us, waiting at the staggered junction further on. We rode down to Littley Green picking up Roger on our way and turned right, freewheeling down the hill to Hartford End, to go left

33 miles to Earls Colne and back

Sunday dawned bright and clear – a wonderful day for a bike ride. 8 riders and 6 bikes turned up outside the Con Club - Mick & Julia, and Gwen & Ian, on their tandems; Brian, Paul, me and my friend Maurice. Gwen and Maurice had met about 20 years ago – when Maurice interviewed Gwen for a role at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. The roads out of Braintree were blissfully quiet and the 8 of us pedalled east to Millennium Way, past Fowlers Farm and down to Silver End. We rode on to Kelvedon, crossing the railway line, then turning left through the side roads before joining the High Street. We carried on this road until we nearly joined the slip road to the A12, but turned left and crossed the railw

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

The Easy Riders congregated as usual at Drury Lane. We welcomed 3 new riders (but I can only remember the name of Jim’s grandson, Cameron). I was riding with the middle group, led by Mick and tailed by Ann. It was a glorious day for a bike ride. Hazy sunshine, and warm for autumn. We departed via London Road, and the cycle path alongside it, before joining the old A131. We turned off left just before Great Leighs. We headed almost due south, all the way to the bridge over the A12 at Boreham. On the way we cycled past lots of pheasant, strutting, calling and flying across the fields. We turned left on to the B1137 and cycled down and up the hill into Hatfield Peverel We arrived at D’s Diner,

Biking with my mates

One of the good things about the Easy Rider group, is that there are often people around who want to ride on different days. It happened that once again, my calendar as a student, meant I would miss Mick’s Autumn Leaves bike ride to Hatfield Forest – for the third year running! Fortunately, Ian B was also not available for the Autumn Leaves ride, and we decided to go out on the Tuesday instead. The weather was glorious, so we decided to replicate the destination of Hatfield Forest, but to use our own route. We set off about 8am, and zoomed out the Flitch Way, through Felsted, down Mill Lane to cross the B1008 at Onslow Green. We headed west to pick up route 50 a bit north of High Easter acro

Autumnal ride to Kelvedon.

As tail rider, I had an inauspicious start to the ride. Mick noticed my front tyre looked a bit soft … and he was right. Due to a long standing back condition, I don’t bend to deal with tyres, and my first reaction was to go home and delegate the tyre problem to my husband Jim. However, assistance to reinflate the tyre was forthcoming from Steve and various others, only to discover that the valve had completely detached from the inner tube. Here Mick intervened, and had my tough Marathon tyre off in no time, (he must have a vice-like grip), the new tube in, tyre back on and reinflated in moments. I worked out that this inner tube had been on my bike since 2014, when it was put on after a gla

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