Favoured 'Course'

There were a lot of Easy Riders (Ed - 41 I hear) for this week’s ride to the golf club at Rivenhall. There were a lot of people in the middle group, so as I felt slow, I decided to ride with the short group, and it was a joyful ride. I found Bill to be an exemplary ride leader, as he explained our delayed start (so the short, medium and long rides don’t bunch up on the first couple of miles of the ride), reminded us regularly of the 3 rider rule (particularly before we accessed the busier roads) and found sensible pausing places for the group to stop and drink. Today I managed to have a chat with Benita, who first rode with us 2 weeks ago. She was brought up in Castle Hedingham, moved around

Mind the gap....

There were plenty of Easy Riders assembled in Drury Lane for this Wednesday’s bike ride. We welcomed two new riders, Benita and Des, both of whom rode with the middle group. I was tail rider for the middle group, led by Steve. We pedalled off north through the park, down Blackwater Way and River Mead, followed by a long grind up Broad Road. We need to improve our ability to split into groups of 5, when we are a large group going up a hill. There were about 10 riders at the front, followed by a group of 5 (superb gap left by Ann), and I had a great view of what was going on from the rear. Cars seemed to get past the rear 5 riders easily, but were not able to easily pass the front set. We took

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