Riding in the rain!

Last Friday Margo and I had a quick bike ride, resulting in a photo with a rainbow. This week I woke up feeling like I had the energy levels of a slug! I looked out of the window and felt under-enthused at the thought of a bike ride in rain. But I was down to be tail rider, so I had to get on with it! I suspect other Easy Riders who felt similar to me just rolled over in bed and decided not to cycle, but those who came out had a wonderful bike ride. Ian Bousfield led the long ride, and Mick led the medium, riding out to The Black Horse Café near Earls Colne. The short ride, led by Peter Short and tailed by me, went to Cressing Temple. Mick’s health & safety tips for the day were to be aware

A Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness (or mellow fruiting bodies).

There have been some glorious days for a bike ride recently. This blog post starts with some photos of my bike ride on Sunday. This week’s Wednesday ride attracted a plethora of riders. The weather was cold, crisp and dry – fantastic for a bike ride. The long ride, led by Tim had 15 riders, heading to Cannons Witham; the medium ride led by Mick had 11 riders, and the short ride led by Bill had 9. We had two new riders: Russell and Jim. Russell said he was looking for a new bike group, riding c25m, but preferably one that did not say they rode at 14-15mph, then tore off at 18mph and left new riders behind. Hopefully our long group is more suitable! Bill led us out south down London Road an

Beautiful Autumn Ride

This week’s ride was on a fantastic autumn day – cold and crisp, but with bright sunlight. Mick, leader of the short ride, who had thought he might not be fit to ride, was stoically hobbling; Gifford led the medium ride tailed by me, and the long ride was ably led by John. Gifford’s group rode out along Manor Street, and we had a thought-provoking debate with a bus driver at the junction with Railway Street. A couple of our riders mounted the kerb, in order to trigger the traffic lights to allow us to proceed towards Millennium Way. The rest of the group were queued on the bike lane, to the displeasure of the bus driver. Originally I thought the bus driver was objecting to us facing the wron

Mick – We Missed You!

Today’s bike ride was to Cressing Temple, but a late-availability appointment for Mick meant we had a vacancy for the lead rider of the short group. Fortunately Gifford, Bill and I were all prepared to step into the breach – which was as well, because there were 15 riders. and we divided the group into two – Thank you Bill and Gifford. I led the first short group through Sainsbury’s car park and out along Manor Road, towards Fowlers Farm. We made good progress down Long Green. I had decided to aim for an average speed of 9mph. In order to spread the group out, so cars could pass easily, I took the pace up a bit until we got to Cressing where we reassembled, turning left, right, left to Perry

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