Circling Cressing Temple

This Wednesday’s ride was to Cressing Temple via a route I’d never done before. Mick preceded the ride with a reminder about the email he had sent, focussing attention on safe riding style, about Communication Skills. Pay attention to what is going around you, shout messages forward and back, and obey ride leader’s instructions. The middle group set off heading west from The White Hart, and turned right through the medical centre car park on Rayne Road. We skirted the back of the hospital and wound our way through to come out at the bottom of Bocking Church Street, heading east along the Bocking Nature Reserve. I’d never been here before, and there were lots of people out and about, often wa

Black Notley Coffee House rules

Many people turned up for today’s bike ride, and we ended up with about 6 in the long group, about 15 in the medium group, and about 6 in the short group. Mick started by giving us some feedback about expected standards in group riding: don’t disappear during the ride without telling the ride leader you are departing; look behind you before riding out in the road and practice your tyre changing technique/ensure you have the right pump for your inner tube. The medium group pedalled off down London Road, turning right down Queenborough Lane, across the A131, under the A120 to Rayne. The group was well spread out and halted to reassemble, to let me and tail rider Peter catch up. Mick waved us p

Off to Gosfield!

It appeared there were plenty of Easy Riders on a ‘get fit’campaign for the New Year as we assembled at Drury Lane. We were all destined for Gosfield, and Mick had arranged 3 different routes out of the town. The Short group was led by Bill, the medium group was led by Mick, tailed by Ann and the long group had John volunteer to take them out. Mick’s group, with a anti-clockwise route to Gosfield, rode out across Weavers Park, through the back roads to Broad Road, and pedalled up to the track that crosses the A131 and brings us out at Lyons Hall. As usual I was a bit of a wuss along the track, and ended up pushing my bike on the muddier sections, so I did not fall off! We pedalled east, and

2020 = 40 miler

It was a dreary, miserable morning and I studied the weather forecast in detail – keen for my New Year exercise campaign to continue, but wary of getting wet. The weather forecast showed a persistent wind from the west, meaning the rain would be blown over us as we headed southwest to Chelmsford. 5 intrepid riders assembled and off we rode. We headed out down Rayne Road, turning south in Rayne, heading to Cock Green. The weather was significantly grey and lowering, but actual rain was limited. Mick offered to call the ride off, but by this time, the exercise had made me feel in high good humour, and I was very much of the view that we should continue. We toiled up the hill to cross the B1008

New Year Ride

About a dozen Easy Riders congregated at Rayne Station for an impromptu ride organised by Ann on New Year’s Day. The plan was to ride either 12 or 20 miles. It was good to see Mave and John, for their first bike ride for a few weeks. We headed off north to Saling, and past Andrewsfield. Here Mave and John decided this was enough for Mave’s first time on a bike in a while, and headed back to Braintree. The rest of us turned left just before Stebbing to head south across the old A120 to Felsted. We went past a cottage that was having its thatch replaced. I was surprised that this work was being done in winter – I would have thought summer (with no rain) was the optimal time. I’m not one for Ne

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