Santa Claus rides with Braintree Easy Riders

Well it was bound to happen. Santa Claus joined Braintree Easy Riders and led us on our last ride before the break for Christmas (we're back cycling on the 28th if you want to work off some of that turkey). There were still some in shorts, but also now we had antlers, red hats, tinsel and more....

Off we went on our merry way with Santa up front and two elves making sure no one got left behind... through the town we went and out to Notley, then Ranks Green, Fuller St and Terling - a short stop to partake homemade sausage rolls courtesy of Mrs Mick - lovely, especially with honey and mustard adding real flavour. Finally we crossed over the A130 towards the Walthams and then up to our destination The Compasses at Litney Green.

To all riders both past, present and future I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a truly happy 2017 ;-)

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