Lands End to John O Groats (LEJOG) challenge ride

Throughout October 2016 three riders, namely Dick Allibone, Ian Bousfield, Mick Palmer, otherwise christened the DIM team by Ian, supported by a support vehicle driven by Jim Mc Taggett, all members of BER embarked upon a sponsored challenge ride from Lands End to John O Groats. We left Braintree on Saturday 1st October, driving to Lands End and arriving at John O Groats on 19th October after having cycled 1012 miles each, no punctures (we used Marathon Plus, Marathon and Specialized All Condition tyres, respectively), only one day of cycling all day in rain, replacing two pairs of brake blocks (Ian’s bike) and one rear wheel and one pair of brake blocks(Dick’s bike), climbing many hills and occasionally walking other more abrupt inclines( don’t under estimate the hills in Cornwall, Devon and the Cairngorms) The accommodation used overnight were private Bed and Breakfast and English and Scottish Youth Hostels. Along the way many calories were consumed and burnt, many pints of beer were drunk (3,2,1 pints each night by the named sequence of riders above), but only during the evenings, whilst our driver remained tea total throughout. We had to maintain our body hydration!!! It was a truly team effort with Dick providing his car, Jim driving and meeting us at pre-planned locations each day, Ian being administrator and treasurer with Mick planning the route and accommodation, navigator, mechanic and providing the bike carrier. On road sustenance for each day was provided by Cathy, Gwen and Barbara in advance of our ride. The average daily mileage cycled each day was approximately 55 miles (60 miles in England and 50 miles in Scotland). Our longest cycling day was 78 miles with our shortest day mid route being 20 miles for a planned domestic and rest day (it was a Sunday after all). Mick , at the last minute decided to be sponsored, raising £325 for Ferriers Barn, Bures, a disabled ( both categories) persons charity, that providing day activities for its members. This ride has now inspired other BER members to consider other challenges for 2017. Watch this space.

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