Are bikes like horses?

A hardy 28 met this morning and still some of the men persisted with their shorts despite the temperature hovering around zero. What a simply glorious day with beautiful sunshine and clear roads, albeit their was some ice around. I found quite a big patch but managed to balance on it for at least 2 seconds before succumbing gracefully to the floor.

We set out out towards Rayne and congregated at the Railway Carriage. Here we split in to 2 groups - taking two routes to the coffee stop at Cressing Temple (knew we would get there sometime soon!) One group was taking a shorter route and the other the more Mick route. The group I was with went through Little Leighs, Ranks Green and finally White Notley before heading up to the Temple Barn. Planning was spot on as the other group had just arrived...

Home from Temple Barn was much more direct - straight to Cressing and then Freeport and home. Overall 22 miles plus the odd frozen foot or two.

I bet you wonder why the heading? Well put two horses in a field then they will normally stand by each other. I just thought this applied to these two CB bikes ...they just happened to be together ;-)

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