A new companion

An unexpected guest turned up for our ride today from Last of the Summer Wine', namely Foggy along with twenty two riders but alas none of the other cast members, unless we include Paul N as Compo. Foggy suggested that we change our plans at the last moment with the idea of going to a train station. However, when we got there, the train at Rayne station was having a rest day and the tracks had been removed for engineering works. Not to be out done, as we were there, Foggy started cycling along the track bed towards Little Dunmow (navigating past dogs and walkers), saying that he thought this route was known as the Flitch Way. On arriving at Little Dunmow we found a turntable that turned us all around through 180 degrees to head back the way we had come, back to Rayne Station where upon we departed from the track bed and headed to Gt Notley Discovery Centre for some hot refreshments, and in some cases bacon rolls. As we got nearer to the Discovery Centre Foggy bid us farewell and wished us a visible and safe return back to the town centre. An enjoyable ride making the best of an otherwise damp cold winters day.

Overall 18 miles.

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