Rain, rain and more Rayne

Despite the weather conditions today, the other wet stuff called rain, fifteen riders including a new rider, enjoyed a 16 mile ride. The destination was to Gosfield Antiques Centre (cancelled from last week). However, some non attending riders, one in particular, dodged the exercise, namely Mick's deputy ride leader, somebody called Jim. In Jim's absence Mick looked at his compass, hatched another plan and headed towards another Rayne and coincidently cycled through an area called Rayne Hatch before hitting the outskirts of Halstead then heading towards Gosfield where an unplanned rest break occurred thanks to temporary road works traffic lights, this did give the days back marker a chance to catch up, didn't it Peter R. After arriving and departing from the coffee stop we took a direct route back to Braintree. Anne left us early to short circuit back to Stisted after she realised where she was!!!

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