Blowout are Stisted

No Rayne/rain today for twenty nine riders on a circuitous ride to Stisted. After riding together for the initial three miles out into countryside, Mick had planned for the ride to split into two separate rides, one shorter and slower (thanks Peter S, Peter R, Gwen for assisting) the other further and slightly pacier (thanks Jim D for carrying out Mick's instructions). 

The shorter ride going via Black Notley, Cressing to Stisted whilst the other group proceeded to White Notley, Silver End, Pattiswick before arriving at our refreshment destination five minutes after the first group. However, on the groups arrival our hosts were unaware of our planned arrival despite being pre- arranged five days earlier!!!! Our hosts managed to serve us with liquid refreshments (tea and coffee only) eventually despite us being almost their Onley punters. 

On our departure some time later, apologies were made and we were on our way, but not very far, until Brian had a tyre blowout. Anne, who lives in the village was, was activated to transport the deflated cyclist back home whilst we made our self propelled return back to town. 

All in all two 'let downs' in one day, at last it was dry and no punctures from debris on the roads

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