Discovering Great Leighs

Just under three weeks to the first day of Spring, but have to say the weather was very kind - mild, dry and a bit sunny at times. This plus it being the first day of March tempted 28 riders out to tackle whatever Mick had in mind.

We headed off down London Road and on to Great Leighs, however we took some detours through fields (he does like the offroad stuff) and housing estate (much better than riding along Main Road). Here we split in to two groups. General direction was Littley Green, Causeway End and on to Felsted for a well deserved coffee and cake. Lovely tea shop - salt caramel brownie was gorgeous.

We headed back towards the A120, but then took a bridleway that connected with the Flitch (that offroad stuff again) and then made our way home. Considering the weather yesterday the Flitch wasn't bad at all, although getting back on the Flitch by the closed bridge seemed more muddy that it needed to be.

By the way, I think Alan needs to oil his brakes ;-) (I assume they made the noise!)

20 miles completed, no punctures, nice weather and good company = great ride....

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