It started off so well...

The weather forecast was not ideal for our ride today, but sometimes they do get it wrong. Unfortunately this time they were right!

We set off towards Stisted through Greenstead Green and up by Earls Colne Airfield. Whilst we had split in to two groups at Stisted, spookily we joined up again at the bottom of Nightingale Hall Road - is that good planning? The stop was all arranged at Olivers Nursery Black Horse cafe. A couple of our riders missed the turning, so please ensure you check behind you to make sure they can see where you have turned.

Credit to the cafe staff as 28 cyclists descended in short order and they served us quickly. Food and drinks good value. The weather had been fine up to this point, although the wind was annoying. Whilst slurping our coffee, the heavens opened and for the next hour and a half it rained...lovely ;-)

We eventually set off back to Braintree with Alan, Paul and I taking a slighter longer route but nobody wanted to come with us - assume it was the rain rather than our company.

Mick led the rest of the guys although a puncture did mean the main group got split. Quick reminder - please ensure you carry tools and spare inner tubes that you have already inflated to make sure they work.

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