Basket weaving

27 gathered for today's ride to Cressing Temple for refreshments. The weather was good, although the forecast was for showers at 12. We hoped they wouldn't appear. That said, the wind that has been around for the last couple of weeks was still there - strangely enough which ever way you cycled it was seldom with you!

We set off out towards Freeport, with a quick stop where Mick reminded us all about the need to consider others and just make sure we look back, particularly at junctions, to ensure those behind can see which way to turn.

And then we were off to Cressing where we spilt in to two groups following initially the same stops - Perry Green and Silver End, with the longer group also covering Black Notley and White Notley. There was a lot of weaving in and out, back and forth and the odd figure of 8 completed before stopping for refreshments. I wonder if Mick was on a basket weaving course last week as the shorter ride arrived only 5 mins before us - you can see below what I mean about weaving!

After refreshments we all set off back to White Notley and the longer group departed to Fairstead, Fuller St, Ranks Green, Great Notley and then home. The shorter group took a more direct route back via Great Notley.

No rain, no punctures, only one chain malfunction - 27 miles for the longer ride and 21 miles for the shorter one.

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