A junction?

Fifteen riders gathered in the town for our second Friday longer ride. We headed to Takeley railway station via Rayne, Felstead, North End, Lt Canfield. I think our back marker rider today must have eaten too many pies before we set out as he was off the pace, weren't you Paul.

Drinks and food were consumed at the station with the prices reflecting the year that the railway track closed, very cheap, so our back maker had two pieces of cake, there may have been more secretly eaten. After departure we headed to Bambers Green, Molehill Green, Broxted, Gt Easton, Lindsell to Saling airfield for light refreshments.

Peter Short was on his slicker stead and was flying along, to the extend that when he had the opportunity to short cut back to Beazley End he chose to ride back into Braintree with us and then ride home. With 600 miles covered by the fifteen riders, on roads with traffic shortages and no mechanicals, everybody seemed happy.

Just a word of advice though, the definition of a junction is when you arrive at it and you have more than one option of direction to take, whether it be a left turn, right turn or cross road!!!!!!

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