A ride of two halves

This week was a ride with two halves. On offer was a longer ride with a figure of eight around the Discovery Centre and two shorter rides for the ladies. The reason for the latter was that we also ran two roadside maintenance sessions for the ladies so they got a bit of cycling in as well as getting their hands dirty.

Each maintenance sessions was about an hour and kicked off with an overview of the M check or abc (air, brake, chain). Then it was straight down to business removing the front and then back wheel. Remembering to disconnect the brakes and move the rear derailleur to the smallest cog. Off came the tyre (some fell off and some needed teasing) and out with the inner tube. At this point Mick and I did think we would go😳

After discussion about tread pattern, rotation//drive/direction and psi we set about putting tubes, tyres, wheels and brakes all back together. All bikes were safely restored and ridden off at the end.

Some great learning points around making sure your brakes work, skewers are tight and tyres are ok before you go out. Thank you to Mick for leading the session, the ladies for really getting stuck in and having a go, Gifford for leading the longer ride.

Just maybe will do some more training if there is a demand.

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