Hello, hello, whats all this then?

32 riders in what was forecast to be winter showery weather - how mad are we, with some even in shorts.

We set out out towards Great Notley, through Great Leighs where we split in to two groups. The longer ride carried on towards Ranks Green, Fairstead and then to Hatfield Peveral. We were all wondering where we stopping for a coffee especially as the clouds looked ominous. Then we turned back towards Terling and met with the long arm of the law. At first, for those at the back it appeared they had stopped us, no doubt some dodging riding up front. But after Peter chatted to the policeman and Kathy chatted up the policeman it became clear it was a training exercise and as we cycled on there were more of them. Apparently an exercise to help find vulnerable people - we have Compo so I guess we have found ours.

We arrived at Terling in the midst of hail and then rain. The Owl Coffee shop is small and fortunately the shorter ride had arrived 15 mins earlier and vacated to allow us all to get out of the rain. After a quick break (and adjustment to Julie's gears) we set off back via Ranks Green and Great Leighs. Arriving back at Braintree station with 25 miles showing for the longer ride. The shorter ride covered a respectable 20 miles.

All in all a fun ride, despite the weather.

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