Training pays off

It's May, but it is clear the weather thinks it's still March. On a day when it was cold enough for gloves and buffs, 27 riders turned up to brave the coolness and wind. The forecast was for rain at some point - nice!

We headed out of town towards Great Notley and then cut through to Rayne. I took the longer ride and we headed out towards Great Saling, Andrewsfield Airport and in to Felsted. We passed several usual coffee stops and I could guess the comments from the guys on where were we stopping. From Felsted we headed towards Cock Green and finally to Great Leighs for coffee at the Pie and Pint. The other group had again arrived about 5 minutes before us.

After a short break (I do wonder what John said looking at Ann's expression) we all headed off together along Goodmans Lane, then round to Willows Green and on to Rayne where we finished the ride. Along the way, Julie unfortunately got a puncture in her front tyre and following the training a few weeks ago she set about upending her bike and getting it fixed - well done Julie (and no I didn't sow loads of drawing pins behind me to give you practice).

Allowing for the ride back to town, the two rides covered 26 and 20 miles respectively and no rain ;-)

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