All you need is pink

It was going to be a scorcher with 30 degrees forecast. Turnout was lower than I thought it would be on such a beautiful morning - 24 riders with shorts on display.

We set off out of town together down towards Bocking, splitting her for the shorter and longer rides. Gifford was lead for the longer ride and we headed off towards Beazley End and then on to Gosfield. The countryside looks amazing at this time of year but oh so many flies! From Gosfield we trekked across to Greenstead Green Farm Shop for a well earned break. The shorter ride riders were already there and had bagged some shade (well the ladies had). To approach you needed to wearing something pink....not a problem for one of our group with pink socks.

After a brief break Gifford took us to Stisted and then back via Bocking to home. All in all just under 23 miles. Reminder to all that with the nicer weather, please apply some sun cream and make sure you have plenty of fluids.

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