Tuesday 30th May in Wighton

Refreshed and with renewed enthusiasm, 8 Braintree Easyriders set out from Nutwood Lodges towards the familiar green in Wighton. Not deterred by confusing routes or desire for alcohol, we followed a confident leader out of the village and through the narrow winding roads into Walsingham.

With a few miles under our belts and having completed the beautiful journey through North and South Creake, we were treated to a glorious tea and coffee stop at Bircham Windmill, a working mill, open to the public with its own bakery where children could knead and bake their own bread. This had not been a week of shopping and we were sorely tempted by the adorable puppies on sale at only £350 each!

Onwards to Houghton Hall and diverted only for photo shots and a touch of 18th century history. Our journey today took us past some stunning scenery, through green forests, colourful hedgerows and charming country villages. All the beauty that we had come to expect from the Norfolk countryside. A re-visit of South Creake for a picnic lunch, beside the river running in parallel to the road edged by ducks and their ducklings, grateful for our spare crusts and crumbs.

A wonderful day totalling 38.6 miles of fun (with only a few spots of cooling rain!)

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