Where did he go?

What a beautiful morning for a ride - blue sky and oh so lovely and warm.

With Mick away on C2C duty, it was left to Steve and Adrian to organise the rides. Steve had booked the venue and it only remained for us to get the 29 riders there safely. With me taking the longer ride we left town via Tortoiseshell Walk and up through Great Notley. From there we were crossing in to Rayne when we lost our back marker - Gifford. The last sighting of him was stopping to talk to a lady. After searching and failed attempts on ring him, we carried on and were sure we would see him at the coffee stop. From Rayne we headed towards Fuller Street and on to Fairstead with a final hill climb up from White Notley to Cressing Temple for coffee.

Gifford was already there having tried to find us with out success and covered 16 miles in the process. Spookily we had also covered 16 miles, just not the same ones! Steve had arrived with his group about 10 minutes prior to us (having come the way we were going back and vice versa) and it was lovely to sit in the sun and catch up.

Heading back we went via Silver End and in to Cressing covering a total of 25 miles in all. A lovely ride in fab weather with only one minor incident on the way out. I managed to keep him as a back marker all the way back to home.

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