Boats, Trees and Beards

Todays' ride was to Paper Mill Lock and to cater for those who wanted to do slightly less distance, we had a couple of starting points - Great Square and Great Leighs. Mick waited at Great Leighs and Jim led the ride from Great Square. Just as we were about to set off Jim had a call - there was only Mick at Great Leighs - it was clear the vast majority of Easy Riders felt comfortable doing the longer distance.

We headed off towards Great Leighs to pick up our lonely leader and carried on towards Terling, Hatfield Peveral and finally 13 miles later arrived at PaperMill Lock, where refreshments were partaken.

I reckon when you line up the Easy Riders they are as long as a narrow boat.

Coming back from Paper Mill Lock we had some interesting challenges past Hatfield Peveral (fortunately the police weren't doing any practise exercises) . As we turned towards Terling through Gamble's and Flacks Green we turned in to Norman Hill ready to climb up River Hill only to find our path block by a fallen tree.

Mick gets to grip with removing the offending tree!

We all take turns in negotiating what's left of the tree.....can you tell who it is?

Here you go.....I reckon Helen would win at limbo.

Once we had all safely negotiated the tree we found that the wind was in our favour on the way back to Ranks Green. With the wind behind we were able to crack along at a reasonable pace but like all journeys these days there was a slow rider in the outside lane. Despite all attempts to educate him, he stayed there and at times used some interesting hand signals. I think they were semaphore? I can only imagine that the rustle of his beard impacted both his speed and hearing.

Once we finally got to Ranks Green we returned via Great Leighs and Great Notley to home. Overall 26 miles in good weather with only the occasional chain off. Well done all.

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