Following positive feedback on both our ladies and mens roadside maintenance sessions, we ran the second session for our male riders plus we had a couple of ladies joined the second half to cover tyre removal.

Key topics included changing parts of the drive chain (cassettes, pedals, cranks and chain wheels), chain removal and installation (use of quick links), gear and brake (v, cantis and disk) adjustment (macro adjustment via the cable bolt and micro adjustment via the barrel adjusters) as well as lubrication points/frequency.

Mick led the day using a selection of bike parts to illustrate how they worked - particularly useful in showing how the limit screws operate within a derailleur and how little the adjustment needs to be to have an impact, plus he also demonstrated on some of the participants bikes! Pedals seemed to almost disappear once removed.

The two ladies who joined later had some challenging tyres - Marathon and Marathon Plus - not the easiest to remove. Full credit to both as they got them off and really only needed some help with getting the rear wheel in. Always a bit tricky.

It appears the session hit the mark given the studious looks below....but all feedback welcome on how we can improve and tailor these sessions to meet everyone's needs.

Thanks Mick for sharing your knowledge and experience...much appreciated.

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