Poet's Corner in Coggeshall

The Braintree Easy Riders, twelve in all,

Met at the library in coggeshall.

One member, Ann arrived covered in mud,

And explained that she had fallen off with a thud!

Apparently on a track recommended by Mick,

Where the mud was very slimy and thick!

Leaving the library we cycled through the town,

Pedalling up the hill to pass the cricket ground.

Just then we heard Mave exclaim.

Something’s happened to my chain!

Quick as lightening the chain was fixed,

‘Who said girls need these maintenance tricks!’

Continuing on, towards Silver End

Our new guy Alex struggled on an uphill bend,

Gifford and Karen encouraged him along,

Only to find the others had gone!

A shorter route we then started debating,

But on turning the corner found the main group waiting.

With a sigh of relief, we caught them up,

And had time for a little bit of water to sup.

The group then cycled on further together

We were lucky to be fortunate with the weather.

Through Kelvedon and Feering we travelled at speed,

Only then to find that ‘Tim’ Ann’s husband was in need.

‘I have a flat tyre’, Ann was heard to say

It MUST be a puncture, the only one of the day!

Tim jumped into action using his maintenance skill,

With lots of advice from group member Bill.

Along came Ivan to see what was the matter,

‘oh’, he said, ‘I thought you were all having a natter!’

Maintenance done we all travelled on,

Cycling along in one happy throng.

But ‘no’! ‘Where was Gifford and Alex?’ we said.

Have they travelled on ahead?

A shorter route they decided to take,

Gifford was desperate to tuck into the cake!

Back at the library we soon found ourselves,

And sitting on the bench were our two ‘missing elves’

After locking up the bikes and venturing inside

We were welcomed and asked ‘did you have a good ride?’

Devouring cake, coffee, tea and the normal treats

We decided we’d had enough to eat.

Then saying our goodbyes and having a photo shoot

Bill got in his car, his bike in the boot!

The rest of the group got back on their bikes,

And pedalled off,’ not quite into the night.’

A good ride was had by all I think,

Our lead rider Ivan was by now ‘gasping for a drink!’

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