Team colours

A ride out to Marks Hall Farm was the perfect place to model the new BER shirt. Looks great, shame about the model.

All members are entitled to one free shirt (long or short sleeve) as part of this year's membership thanks to the grant from Essex County Council - the shirts will promote and advertise the group's activities and so help us reach new people who are looking for a way to get in to cycling. The shirts are on sale in Halfords so please go in and try on for size and then let Adrian know which type of shirt (long or short sleeve) and what size.

And now back to the ride. Heading out of Braintree towards Cressing, a sharp turn towards Perry Green (quick stop to mend a puncture - why are they always in the rear wheel!) and then on to Coggesahall and finally Marks Hall Farm. 14 miles out, a cup of coffee and a cake was very welcome.

Sadly this is Billie's last Wednesday ride with us and she will be missed. A real pleasure to have her join us for the last couple of weeks and we must sort out an exchange and visit her in Berlin and meet her ride leader who apparently is a bit of a doppleganger for our Mick.

Ok...time to go says Mick, good timing as the weather is really starting to get overcast. The route involves a little bit of offload/ wouldn't be a Mick ride without it. Heading towards Tumblers Green and back to Braintree via Sisted. Overall 10 miles and no issues and no rain... Thanks Mick - great ride.

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