No Compo and still windy

You would think it was Autumn already as the UK feels the after effects of hurricane Irma....our thoughts go out to all those impacted.

Despite the weather 18 intrepid riders set off through Great Notley splitting at Blackly Lane. The longer ride passes through Littley Green (collecting Anne on the way), Howe Street, Pleshey and finally High Easter to the Snug Cafe at Lodges coach park. 13.2 miles completed and most of it in to a headwind - the forecast said it was around 22/23 mph. The guys were grateful for the stop. Surprisingly we arrived 15 minutes before the shorter ride who had completed just under 13 miles.

The bread pudding is a firm favourite here along with the scones or is that scone. Either way Bill and Margo are tucking in.

The ride back was going to be a bit faster and easier with the tailwind, although it never seems to be behind you as much as it should be. For the ride back Mick took 13 riders and 5 decided they would follow me on a slightly longer route. We headed for Barnston and reached it fairly quickly and then on to North End through to Felsted. As we climbed in to Felsted we met the other riders and so all joined back together again as we cycled towards Rayne and then home.

We averaged about 10mph out to the Snug and 14mph coming back....just shows what a difference wind can make. Now when is Compo back?

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