A newbie's view ;-)

Today the Gods were looking down on us. After last week’s rain, today was a glorious autumn day reminding us of a summer not long gone and with the autumn colours of the trees we were treated to a lovely morning out and about around Braintree.

I’ve not long been a member of the group. Recently moved to the area and with more time on my hands I thought it would be good to get out on my bike and learn my way about. I’d done a few longer rides but mostly just the 3 mile commute to and from work, so when I found a group called Easy Riders I thought that sounded right for me. I think Mick wondered what had arrived the first week when I turned up in flowery trousers and sandals (but with a helmet thankfully!) but after a couple weeks on the shorter rides I was hooked and ready for more. I can now say it is a day looked forward to each week, hopefully come rain or shine, although I’m yet to experience a Braintree winter.

Our ride this week took us along the Flitch Way towards Felsted, then back on the roads crossing the A120 and on to the Dunmow Road. We then headed for Stebbing, Barn End and back towards Great Dunmow. We were at the coffee stop in no time, meeting up with the rest of the riders who had continued on the Flitch Way and via Little Dunmow. A new venue this week – the Flitch Coffee in the High Street – who were able to find room for our bikes in their rear garden, where we could lounge in the sunshine and be served tea, coffee and cake - what a hard life!

Time to head back as a group and like naughty school children we had to be cajoled to move. This time we headed together towards Barnston, North End, up the hill to Felsted, Bannister Green and back to Braintree. All still smiling I hope, I know I was.

I am consistently and pleasantly surprised at the numbers of riders who show up each week. It shows that there is much to be admired about this group, from giving us all support and training, encouragement to keep going further and the welcome given to new members. For anyone thinking of getting on or back on a bike, I would really recommend joining us for a ride.

Ed - lovely write up Ann, glad you are enjoying it. On the way back we also saw a large group of deer although its not that clear from the photo.

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