It was with some trepidation, that 3 (Julie, Jo and me) of us undertook the bikeability training course that Mick offered on Saturday.

Having met at Cycles Uk, we quickly rode off but not very far, in fact only to the relative quiet of Clare Road. Here, we were taught the correct road positioning when approaching T-junctions from major and minor roads, turning both to the left and the right. All fairly basic stuff, but this training formed the building blocks for the rest of the course, and we next attempted negotiating roundabouts! We were shown the correct road positioning that we should adopt, depending on the number of exits and the number of lanes in the roads.

With the weather starting to deteriorate we continued on from Rayne Rd roundabout, Coggeshall Road compound roundabout and then the pièce de resistance - Marks Farm roundabout. Between these, we also considered traffic light controlled junctions and in particular cycling safely close to lorries and larger vehicles.

After 3 chilly hours the course concluded, and all of us felt much better prepared and more confident in our road cycling even if we likened it to taking our driving tests!!

Thanks Mick for an excellent if a little stressful 3 hours patient teaching.

We would all highly recommend this course.

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