Hooroo Mick

Today was Mick's last ride before he disappeared for 3 months down under to visit his rellies. The weather for the ride was gorgeous considering it was mid November - the sun was out in force along with 28 Easy Riders and shorts were still being worn.

We all headed out together own Glebe Avenue and on towards Bocking. Here we split with Mick taking the shorter ride and Peter the longer one. The longer ride headed towards Beazley End and then turned right to Gosfield. Then a right down Russell's Road to Halstead and then right in to Oak Road. The building work going on there is big! From Oak Road we headed to Greenstead Green Farm Shop for our break - on the way we followed 5 deer who would following the road albeit they were about 50 yards away - amazing to see in real life. 14 miles covered.

Mick's ride had already arrived and were tucking in to the free cakes provided by BER to celebrate our Award win - Mick brought the certificate and trophy. In addition, we were also celebrating the last 18 months of Mick leading the rides. He's a fair dinkum of a ride leader. Mick had to depart early as he was flying out that evening and needed to get home to catch the airport transport.

Cakes devoured and drinks drunk, the two groups headed off separately back to Braintree. Peter's group headed directly back via Tumblers Green, Stisted and then Braintree town centre. Overall 21 miles covered and a great ride in beautiful countryside. Thanks Peter.

Whilst Mick's in Aussie lets hope he's wears his thongs correctly as they shouldn't be under his daks!

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