Everything but the bike...

On Friday December 8th, members of Braintree Easy Riders - plus some partners - attended a Christmas Dinner at Weavers Restaurant in Bocking Village Club. Some drove, some got taxis and one or two braved the cold and walked but no one cycled.

A massive thank you must be said to Peter Short and his glamorous assistant Sue for arranging and co-ordinating the whole evening. Everything went like clockwork, resulting in many empty plates and glasses. Peter asked for a vote as to whether or not we should rebook for 2018; the consensus was a resounding yes which says everything about how much everybody enjoyed themselves.

Additional entertainment was provided by way of two quiz sheets: one to name 20 famous dogs from their pictures; the other to name 15 animals from cryptic clues. No cycling or maintenance knowledge was required. We even had a brief video link to some bearded chap who was definitely not Santa.

Looking forward to another event filled year….

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