Dry, Cold and Windy

With today’s ride having no reference to cider, a virus or Compo, nineteen hardy riders assembled for the rides, competently being led by Peter S and Adrian, on the shorter and longer ride respectively to the Sandwich Bar in Kelvedon, always a popular venue when it comes to bacon butties.

On Mick’s return from down under and much higher temperatures than today, by nearly thirty five degrees on some days, he was still adjusting to the UK winter, being well wrapped up and riding a fixed gear.

On the longer route Adrian led us via Perry Green, Silver End to the venue where some discussions took place about activities to participate in during 2018, one being Eroica in Derbyshire and the Dunwich Dynamo. Somehow, the longer ride arrived ahead of the shorter ride, who took a direct route to Kelvedon, was there a blip in the directions, any punctures or lungs not working quite so well in the cold weather. We will keep guessing on this one.

Once refreshed, the longer ride returned via Silver End, White Notley, Ranks Green, Youngs End to Braintree, completing a respectable 25 miles, the shorter ride completing around 18 miles. On our return it was noted that Compo had only one brake, well the brake system was there, but no brake blocks. He was offered a brake from the fixed wheel rider as he had three brakes, this was declined with him opting to do some ‘crowd funding’ for a operating brake for next week.

Thanks Peter, for organising the route and venue, Peter and Adrian for leading, Gwen and Bill for support.

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