Bring me sunshine!

In the absence of sun and sun worshippers. 10 little ducks went swimming one day, along with their rather optimistic waterproof attire.

There was only one representative from the gentler sex with not even a female hurricane to keep her company. The promise of sunny spells was only granted in the afternoon once we were safely back home.

We splashed our way towards Youngs End not knowing how many potholes were lurking under the puddles. Before too long we were heading through Fuller Street and into Little Waltham, passing the various coffee venues, with only the incessant rain and our water bottles to stop our throats from drying.

With the expert help of Mick and Jim, we dodged around the main road past Whitbreads Farm and Rochester Farm, and only then was our refreshment wish granted. The Castle in Great Leighs was a sight for sore eyes on the horizon of hope! Nothing could dampen our spirits now.

Uncle Ron delighted us with pockets full of chocolate and a special little visitor. We were also very pleased to see David who has abandoned his 2 wheels just for a little while and will return to Easy Riders soon.

Miles – many (all soggy)

Cupcakes – loads

Punctures – one

Happy Easy Riders – ten plus one.

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