The sun and bikes are like magnets and metal, attracted to each other

On a very Spring like sunny morning, our second Saturday riding event and first Dr Bike session, the sun and bikes seemed to attract each in the same way that magnets and metal does, along with their riders. For the Learn to Ride and cycle confidence session we had eight participants for varying lengths of time, two families with respective children and two adults enjoying a fun Saturday morning.

Various exercises were experienced by the participants on the safe tarmac area for learning bike handling skills, including braking techniques, braking emergency stops, bike control meandering through positioned cones, passing a baton between two riders as they rode towards each other (whilst missing each other), riding with one hand on their head whilst controlling the bike with one arm and many others. Whilst this was going on, Adrian, aka Dr Bike (without the uniform) was baptising the recently bought tool kit and Gazebo, and was busy changing a bottom bracket sealed bearing unit for a Braintree Easy Rider (BER) member, plus a few other more minor adjustments, whilst another was learning the 'ropes' of bike mechanics from our expert Adrian.

At 11.00 the same eight participants from the first session embarked upon a controlled cycle ride around the town, led by Mick and supported by Gifford and Diane, using the excellent network of cycle paths, with the occasional road and hill here and there, practising the previous skills from the earlier session. Considering the riders were all local some were surprised at the network of cycle paths that link up to make a circuit around the town, with us covering 7.2 miles,

On arrival back at our start point all seemed to have enjoyed the experience, to the point that one participant has re-arranged her day for Wednesday to join in on the next BER ride.

Thank you Diane, Gifford, Peter, Adrian and Gazebo delivery and collection van driver, John, for your participation.

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