Bill's ride leader baptism in that mysterious yellow circular shape in the sky

Today's ride was kindly hosted by Sue and Peter Short from their homestead in Beazley End. With this offer and opportunity Mick planned a meandering ride with three start points to accommodate different choices of distance to a new venue, Spencer's, at Wickham St Paul, the three being Braintree who wanted a longer ride, Beazley End for a shorter ride and Gosfield for a short version. With twenty on the ride to the coffee/tea stop venue, ten from Braintree, nine from Beazley End and one from Gosfield.

This was Bill's first ride as second leader and he had a lot to contend with having selected to lead the shorter route, a new route and venue, puncture, going astray and correcting himself, a new rider Linda (Paul J wife), and a spill on loose gravel resulting in a wrist injury and a 'broom wagon' being called for, for transporting Linda back to Peter's for refreshments. As luck would have it nurse Helen (without the uniform) was on hand to provide advice and assistance.

The longer ride arrived around 30 minutes earlier than the other ride and were about to leave when the second group arrived at which point the need for slip, slop, slap with sun cream being applied. At Spencer's we sat outside in the sun at an excellent venue. Whilst here Compo entertained the first group with his version of his pole dance routine , as in the photo, but please note he did have to sit down as his ride had exhausted him, poor man!!!!!

On arrival back at Beazley End the group were welcomed back with teas, coffees, cake, pizza and home produced sausage roles courtesy of Sue and Julia, aka BER catering services from 2016/2017, but this time not mobile. After these consumptions, we departed, either back to our cars or cycling back to Braintree.

A distance of 32 miles and 35km covered respectively, I will let you guess as to which group pedalled the furthest, on many new roads for the BER membership to experience away from busy traffic, and enjoyed by all, I think.

Thank you to Peter and Sue as hosts, Sue and Julia for catering, Bill for a successful leader baptism, nurse Helen and all that assisted with the spill incident and deputy mechanics in assisting Claire.

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