Triple ride trial!

The BER Wednesday cycling was today experimenting with three rides rather than our usual two with a longer, shorter and short version of meandering routes planned by Mick, all eventually arriving at The Castle pub at Gt Leighs for refreshments.

On the rides and at the refreshment stop there was some discussion about what the differences were and why they weren't labelled as the larger, medium and smaller rides, mentioning no names PR.

For the record, the longer ride went into Terling (25miles), led by Jim D and Cathy, the shorter ride into Fuller St (19 miles), led by Mick and Diane, and the short ride direct to Gt Leighs (12miles) led by Bill, T by the time everyone arrived back into Braintree.

It was good to see a few faces who have not been out in recent weeks due to health issues, namely Jim Y, Julie, and David with the three new riders to the group continuing to enjoy the routes, support, social interaction and our lovely Essex countryside bursting into colourful bloom and the trees and hedgerows sprouting their new leaves. Regrettably, there is not a lot of evidence of new tarmac being placed into the roads where there are large potholes, resulting from the ravages of winter.

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