First Aiding

10 Easy Riders turned up bright and early on Monday morning at Greenfields Centre (adjacent to Freeport). Interestingly, BER paid for the first aid trainer, but we did not need to pay for room hire because we are an official group recognised by Braintree Council. As a ratepayer, I think this is good and reasonable use of our taxes. Ed...a lovely room with air conditioning - great when its 30 outside.

As it was a one day training course, Colin, our trainer focussed on the basics: D – R – A – B. Danger; Response; Airway; Breathing. Much has changed since I did my initial First Aid at Work training, 30 years ago, and mercifully, much of it has simplified. More awareness of the need to check for dangers before approaching and assessing the situation, and the need to try to gain a response from a collapsed casualty before taking action. More information about gaining information from a conscious casualty too. There was also a good focus on calling for expert assistance (emergency services) early on when intervention was required.

Then we moved on to resuscitation using the dummies. I think I must be getting old, because it was much harder than I remember on previous training. The dummies had two settings, one for adult and the other for child, to simulate how much effort you would need to use, to get the right amount of chest compression. Pleasingly, our group turned out to have plenty of people who were strong enough, and confident enough to be competent.

We had a bit of debate about when and how to remove cycle helmets, should any of us come off our bikes. Then we spent some time practising with arm slings, should any of us come off and damage hands, arms and wrists, while being mindful of the importance of calming and reassuring the casualty. (Having been a First Aider at Work on railway stations, the ability to calm and reassure the casualty was 90% of my practical application of first aid!).

For a one day course, we covered a lot of ground, and it was a day well spent.

Ed...a selection of photos which you can add your own comments to. On a serious note, the club really appreciates all 10 of you giving up your time to be trained as a first aider and congratulations on all passing - brill result.

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