Don’t forget the bacon!

This ride was organised by Mick at the request of some members at the AGM in 2017 who wanted to ride 60 miles!

As the week drew to an end, there was still more work to be done by the Braintree Easy Riders, namely Mick, Peter, Brian, Bill, Bill, Dick, Mave and John. The meeting point was Greenstead Green where bikes were unloaded while some had a sneaky second breakfast!

Smelling sweetly of suncream and in a burst of energy we ventured forth into pastures new and on to the next OS Explorer map number 196. Gifford appeared as if by magic after the first few miles making our total up to 9 members. We were soon beyond Halstead and approaching unknown territory. Expertly guided by Mick and Gifford through pretty and previously unexplored villages in a mystery tour that took us to Twinstead, Great Henny and Ballingdon. It was hard to imagine that we were so close to Sudbury while riding the glorious, cool and shaded Stour Valley Path. With a stop in Rodbridge (near Long Melford) for re-fueling, real toilets and water re-filling, we were all raring to pedal some more miles. Through Acton and Priory Green, close to Edwardstone where John dreamed of having a motor on his bike, and then through Milden.

We reached our destination in Brent Eleigh Suffolk after the midday sun and the steepest and grittiest of hills had worked their hardest to slow us down. The Cafe Como looked inviting with shaded seating beneath a large gazebo and staff who were welcoming. Little did we know that they closed at 1pm and their stocks were running low. The bacon rolls were severely rationed rather than having double rashers but the chocolate cake (a popular choice) seemed to hit the right spot.

The homeward journey took us through Mill Green, Groton and Boxford and on to Assington. With a stop at The Barn Cafe where food supplies were plentiful and ice creams were purchased from an air conditioned farm shop. We were suitably refreshed to tackle the remaining miles. Through Bures Green, Bures and then Pebmarsh, we had at some point crossed the county border and were back in jolly old Essex. The roads crackled like popping candy under our tyres, while the sun tricked our eyes by flickering in and out of the trees. We waved goodbye to Gifford and Dick and continued back to Greenstead Green in the relentless sunshine. High fives all around and celebrations for all who achieved their personal bests.

46/47 miles in total – come on Mick what’s happens to your maths skills?

A huge well done to Peter Sk. and Brian (2) for cycling from Braintree and achieving 60 plus miles.

Ed....I understand Paul and Patrick also cycled from Braintree but just missed catching you guys. Apparently they when off together....but you have to feel for Patrick having Paul as the other sole rider especially when he gets on to party politics!!

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