Saturday Stars

As part of our aim of getting more people cycling we are running a series of Cycling Confidence sessions every morning from 10am to 11am at Braintree Sort and Health Club in Panfield Lane. Last Saturday was our highest number of attendees with 7 arriving for tutoring by Mick and his team.

Gifford looked after the experienced George and Rianna, who were developing their confidence to cycle one handed, left and right, and also played a series of games to improve their overall bike control .

Mave took Elizabeth who is getting back in to cycling and currently practising on one of our bikes. Dr Bike on the 14th July will look at her bike and hopefully get it back in to riding condition quickly. Definitely ready for a short ride - may be next week? Missed a photo of her riding will catch her next week.

Fin was practising cone discipline - weaving in and out and sometimes over! He also soon managed to go uphill as well as downhill - a great effort, but just mind those barriers.

First time for Annie and boy did she do well with Peter keeping a watchful eye and encouraging. Good control from the start and more practise will see her out on the road with us on our short ride.

Luke joined us for the first time and wasn't overly impressed we removed his stabilisers, we hope to see you next week so you can get to know us.

Finally Ben - 3 1/2 years old and a balance bike expert. Within 20 mins he was peddling and riding around like he had been doing it for ages. week lets practise brakes and turning.

All of you are stars - you all worked hard and it was a hot day. Well done and keep cycling.

Thanks to mums and dads for giving us permission to take some photos.

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