Just under the ton

Just over a week ago 5 Easy Riders (Brian, Mick, Ian, Compo and me) set off from Morton at just before 8.30 pm courtesy of BER taxi service aka Peter and Julia, to join the Dunwich Dynamo overnight ride. We had booked Peter for overnight support and had three stops planned - Castle Hedingham, Needham Market and Framlingham.

It was a beautiful evening and the roads were quiet and the wind was slightly with us. We made good time to Castle Hedingham covering the 31 miles in 2 hours 20 mins. Peter was all set up with hot water on the go and a coffee was warmly welcomed.

After a half hour stop, we set off to Needham Market - the roads were much quieter from last year. Not sure how many cyclists had left London or we were so far ahead of the main pack, but it did appear the numbers were down when compared to last year - perhaps the wind which had subsided from the afternoon had put a few off. It did mean that following the lights in front was not always the right answer.

Needham Market stop arrived just before the 57 mile mark and we'd been cycling 4 hours 49 mins. Peter was again all set up with refreshments and hot water all ready - what a star. Need to practise my night time photography skills.

We left are a 40 minute break having broken the back of the 100 mile ride we had planned. Next stop Framlingham. Remember when I said following the light in front was not always right! Well Paul, Brian and I carried on following and after a while the guy stopped and said "Mmmm...my Garmin says I'm off route". The three of us waited for Mick and Ian to come along and after waiting 10 mins decided we should turn around. Off we rode but no sign of either. We decided to continue to our next stop at Framlingham which wasn't that far away and need to say thank to Google Maps which got us there. Albeit 10 mins after Mick and 5 minutes after Ian. Good job we had planned these stops - Peter was as efficient as ever with hot water already.

A half hour stop and we were off again this time to Dunwich and then back to Yoxford to complete the ton and meet out taxis for the homeward trip.

We made sure we all stuck together given the previous escapades, however we still managed to lose Mick and Ian again - we waited at Oxford and a quick call to Mick found him and Ian 2 miles away. We had a quick rest break and waited so we could all ride in together.

After 92 miles we arrived at Dunwich and the first order of the day was a nice cool beer, whilst Paul and Ian opted for a quick dip. Paul to clean his trousers more than anything as he'd forgotten his trunks - will leave you to ask him for more details but it does involves bushes!

A short jaunt back to Yoxford saw some us of notch up the ton (they'd cycled to our taxi start point) where as I clocked 96.43 with an average of 13.9 mph - nearly 2mph faster than last year.

Well done all and a huge thank you to Peter for the fabulous support and enthusiasm and for Julia for dropping us off and picking us up.

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