Our keenest cyclist

Easy Riders ride throughout the year come rain or shine, although the snow and ice last winter did stop a couple of rides.

One Easy Rider in particular rode more rides than anyone else in the group and this list of rides covers our Wednesday, Friday, evening and weekend away rides and so we thought we'd ask him a few questions to see what makes him tick and share his response.

How old are you?

70 years young

How would you describe yourself?

Fit and healthy

When did you join Braintree Easy Riders?

I started the Wednesday rides 3.5 years ago

What made you join Braintree Easy Riders?

Having seen the notice board outside Cycling UK shop advertising the weekly ridesThis gave me the opportunity to start cycling in a group and take up a new interest in my retirement. And keep me fit, but it took me three months just to keep up with the group

Did you cycle much before joining?

I have not cycled much in the last 20 years, my bike was at the back of the garage for the last 12 years without moving

What do you like most about cycling?

Cycling gives me the opportunity just to get on my bike and go out and enjoy an easy short or long ride around Braintree District and Beyond [now I know there are NO HILLS in Essex !!! ] Cycling also keeps me fit and healthy

What do you like most about cycling with Braintree Easy Riders?

I enjoy my cycling with B.E.R for the good company on the weekly/evenings and longer day rides, with the bonus of the weekend trips away with the longer scenic rides and the enjoyable social meal and evenings on these trips.

We all know him because of his hairstyle.....Well Done Bill on being the Keenest Easy Rider

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