Easy Riders 2018 Christmas Meal

Friday 14 December was a bitterly cold, damp day, and I opted to miss out on the 40 mile bike ride to Abberton Reservoir. Those who did go, said it was a fast ride out, and even faster on the way back because of the lazy wind (too lazy to go round you, so instead it goes through you). Had Jim and I not already booked our meal, we’d have stayed at home because of the miserable weather. But as usual, when I don’t fancy going out, we had the best time.

I love meeting our group in these circumstances – good company and conversation, lovely meal, a quiz, a raffle – what not to like! I discovered Ian B is a cryptic crossword aficionado and an absolute whizz at solving the clues. I enjoy a cryptic crossword but I’m nothing like as good as him. The last clue we solved was the Open Sesame solution, which Ian worked out by identifying sesame from the clue word seeds. I was mildly irritated with myself for not getting this one – I’d spent the morning kneading sesame seeds into my bread dough, so the word should have been at the forefront of my mind!

It was another lovely meal at the Bocking United Services club. I like the way they do their menu – for those who want a traditional meal (like Jim), it’s available; and for those who want to eat what they don’t cook themselves (like me), it’s available. Prune and almond tart! I don’t cook pastry (mine’s like leather!), and don’t use prunes or almonds. What a great combination! Yumm! I was able to watch Margot savouring the wine like a pro, and listen to her conversation with Gael, analysing the finer points of taste.

At one point, when Peter was starting to speak (and few people were listening!) I tapped my knife on a glass to gain attention for him, saying “come on, pay attention, this is no time to argue, listen to Peter”. Adrian made the sage observation that the only people brave enough to argue with me were the Finch’s quarry lorries!

Many thanks to Peter for organising the meal, and Adrian and Gifford for so much behind-the-scenes work during the year.

Ed - Big thank you's to:

Peter and Sue for organising the meal and the entertainment.

Mick, who is enjoying the sun in Aussie, for organising and leading our rides

Cathy for happily writing numerous blogs

Our members for turning up every week and making Braintree Easy Riders such a great club and for treating Gifford and I to our meal

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