We are Saling!

After the Wednesday bike ride with the main Easy Rider Group, Margot suggested an early morning trip before she went to work on Thursday. One of the Easy Rider success factors, is just how many impromptu rides with friends take place.

It was only just getting light as we departed at 7.40am on the Flitch Way. We had a debate about sunrise times. Today first light was at 7.21, but sunrise was not until 8.02. While the shortest day is on 21 December, sunrise and sunset movements are not synchronised. The latest sunrise in Braintree is on 1 January, rising at 8.06. The earliest sunset is on 13 December at 3.46pm.

I could feel the previous day’s ride in my legs as I pedalled after Margot up the Flitch Way. It was like chasing a rat up a drainpipe – I was trailing in Margot’s wake as she zipped up the steady railway gradient. It was properly light by the time we got to Rayne, and Pods Lane. Margot’s a woman who is purposeful and focussed when she wants time for breakfast before leaving for work - we went shot along Pods Lane, and did a loop around Great Saling then back the same way. When Jim and I first came to Braintree and were exploring on bikes, this was one of our regular routes, which we called the Lollipop route, as on the map, the loop at the north end of the ride looks like a lolly.

I’m not a great admirer of landscape in art, but I do like to look at bare trees and empty fields.

All the busyness of summer is gone and it’s much simpler.

This is Margot’s regular pre-work run, and she often counts the number of vehicles that pass her. Today’s total was 36! Margot went flying off to work. She’s fitter than me! (And I got home, and had to have a little rest!). 11.5 miles, 11.7mph, 1 hour 1 minute.

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