Cannon fodder

The first Wednesday ride was upon us and the weather took a dip in temperature - it was at least 6 degrees colder this morning compared to the day before, but the sun was shining at Easy Riders were out in force - 33 I counted.

We split in to 3 groups and big thanks to Gifford and Steve for stepping in as ride leaders and to Ian who sorted out venue - wish you a speedy recovery.

I led the longer ride and we headed out to Dagnets Lane and it was great to see it still firm and not muddy (phew). We essentially followed route 16 to Witham and arrived first at Cannon BMW dealers. Such great service and foder (sausage roll is delicious). I think the wind was behind us as we cover the 11.5 miles pretty quick. The short ride arrived next having covered 10 miles, with the middle ride arriving last having covered 12 miles.

I do like this venue as its nice to look at the 'real' bikes and now they have some electric ones....maybe I'll ask Santa next year....

We set off home towards Rivenhall and then on to Silver End and back via Sheepcote Lane and Cressing. We tried really hard to keep in 3 or 4's to allow cars to pass - we had some successes but definitely could improve.

Overall 23.6 miles covered in lovely but chilly weather.

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