Two for one!

Firstly, this week Wednesday saw a drop in temperature to just below freezing with black ice around and a corresponding drop in Easy Riders numbers with only 14 hardy and well wrapped up Riders on show. Noticeably we were short on ladies with Dee the only representative of the fairer sex. This could be the weather or the fact that Compo is still in shorts! After a quick reminder to watch out for black ice and leave a gap between riders, the two rides set off to The Castle with Bill leading the short and Adrian the long. The long ride headed towards Cressing, round to Black Notley and then on to Fairstead. Spookily the two rides met at Fuller Street and and we rode the final mile or so to the Castle together. It was bitter cold and great to have a nice warm venue to help restore feet from ice blocks. Return ride was through Littley Green, Felsted and back to Rayne - most used the Flitch (which was surprisingly dry) back to town - 23 miles completed. Well done to both everyone - the weather was very chilly.....brrrrr!!! Secondly, Friday’s 40 miler to The Cylist in Sudbury started with drizzle and a typical winter's grey day....but it was warmer than it had been. 5 riders took on Gifford’s route - the warmer weather meant mud on the road was the challenge rather than ice and in one place the badgers had successfully managed to get a lot of the bank on to the road. Ah we'll I needed to wash the bike anyway. 18 miles later we arrived at The Cyclist with a wood burning stove in full force....lovely. Thanks to Peter for cakes - have a great birthday on Sunday. Compo was referred to as a ‘basket out front’ by a friend of Peter’s who had only just met Compo - funny how right first impressions can be. (Of course I may have twisted slightly what she said). After refreshments we headed back via the Yeldhams, Hedinghams (where Gifford departed), Gosfield and finally Bocking. 24 miles completed in warm but muddy conditions. It’s not often you can say Compo is the cleanest!

Thanks to Gifford for sorting the route and to Ron, Bill, Peter and Compo for their company.

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