Thirteen, unlucky for some, but not for Braintree Easy Riders!

Following last month's trial (Thanks to Gifford for leading it), this was our first official ride of just 10 miles or so and we were unsure how popular it would be, but as the sun shone on this Friday morning the high visability shirts kept appearing from all angles. Among the crowd was Jim who had not been out recently, Kate a former member and Mave who had cycled less than 25 miles in 4 months and had offered to lead. Others who were capable of greater mileage decided that just as 'Brexit means Brexit', 'Easy means Easy '.

We left the meeting place soon after the bongs from the town hall and proceeded along Panfield Lane, all thirteen of us, with our enthusiasm pushing us forward. Our route took us across Bradford street and onto the cycle paths alongside the river and behind the Fairview estate. Some people were nearly home already but decided to continue on, tempted by good company and the thought of coffee ahead. The dog walkers were out in abundance leaving little space for our myriad of wheels. With our polite exchange of greetings we gained a few smiles which helped us on our way. It was impossible to get a good run at the hills however, with the traffic of vehicles and pedestrians.

Nevertheless, we were soon back in town and heading down the familiar cobbled high street. We were delighted to see another BER member and thought maybe we had achieved 14 riders, but alas Margot had other plans!

Onwards., upwards and downwards, only deterred by the traffic lights on London Road which slowed us considerably. We lost 3 of our crew who had sadly run out of time.

Fortunately the underpass to the Discovery Centre had dried leaving it safe for all to cross and enjoy the refreshments and conversation while we rested. A positive response to the short ride was received along with suggestions for future dates, venues and routes.

Heading back home across the bridge into Rayne and using the ever popular Flitch Way allowed more opportunities for chat. We reached Braintree in time to experience the gathering crowds of Prodigy fans, tempting some Easy Riders to celebrate with a few beers. A good morning!

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