Water and Butts

Today’s BER monthly 40 mile ride encountered water and butts but more of this later.

With eleven having gathered in Drury Lane, with clouds darkening as the minutes ticked by. We needed not to have been concerned as it turned out to be a ride in lovely bright weather to go with the bright garments that were being worn.

Our ride towards Danbury meant we were riding into a slight headwind which would be good as we could expect this to be behind us on our return. Our route took us fairly direct, which is unusual for me, Banters Lane, onto the Boreham Road before turning left and skirting around Terling to cross over the A12, at which point almost everyone was asked how their legs were feeling as I knew what laid ahead. Downhill towards Paper mill lock, some expecting to stop for refreshments, but no, I had other plans for us as the North Hill to Danbury loomed. A challenge for some, others not, but did reduce three to do some other two legged exercise, admittedly two had age reasons but one didn’t, claiming fitness issues, no names mentioned other than BT, JD and MH. Once at Danbury crossroads, a tea room was noticed, causing false hope of a stop. Onwards towards the planned stop we negotiated a ford using a bridge until we reached Butts Green garden centre, 17 miles covered.

Once refreshed and re-fuelled and a slight shower we had 23 miles to use up so I had a plan. Heading towards Sandon, down a dead end road, over another foot bridge to Sandford Mill, Compo was offered the chance of a swim in the Chelmer but for the second he declined offering the excuse that he didn’t have his mankini with him (can you imagine that). Thanks Paul. We negotiated Chelmsford using the cycle path network (part of Route 1) through the town in the direction of Writtle before turning off and heading towards Chignell St James, Mashbury, negotiating another ford in Bury Lane, (we didn’t have Dick with us this time to fall off!!!), and then onto Littley Green for another form of water, to give a few a rest, having used 33 miles.

Once the tanks were filled we headed back to Braintree via Rayne with 41 miles covered. Only 2.5% (Ed - I thought you said 35 miles originally) miles over scheduled distance on a lovely day, very quiet roads with little traffic, spring flowers in full colour and nice fresh spring green’s, enjoyed by all.

See you next time.

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