An Easy Bike Ride

This Sunday I had an easy spin out to Coggeshall. Jim is busy cycling to the Cycle Touring Weekend in Clitheroe so is away for a week. My friend Maurice is recovering from injury, so had not ridden for a few weeks, so a gentle recovery bike ride was the order of the day.

We pedalled down London Road, then took the footpath parallel to the bypass from the King William to Notley Road. We went to Black Notley, past Bulford Mill and the station, and ended up crossing the main road, to ride down Polecat Lane, ending up in Perry Green. Apparently the area around Bradwell is the driest part of Essex, which is why major seed companies used to be based here – in order for seed to be harvested well, the consistent dry weather was required to produce high quality seed. Maurice and I pedalled across the fields, then turned left to ride into Coggeshall.

It was on the way back that we found some interesting stuff to look at. We noticed some large areas of newly planted trees. But they were planted too close together for proper development, so we were not sure of the purpose of the development. We wondered whether it was built as an acoustic barrier for local residents, if this was the route of the new A120, or whether it was set up as a nursery bed for a tree nursery. There were groups of the same plants in different areas, with plants that we thought were hawthorn, dogwood, sycamore etc.

It’s also the season for wildflowers, and Maurice and I noticed prolific comfrey clumps, white honesty, blue speedwell and red campion.

Then we headed home via the same route as we went out. 20 miles, at 10mph. Just right for a recovery run to get back to fitness.

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