HP anyone?

37 Easy Riders split into three groups as usual, led by Mick, Peter Short and Bill Twinn. We set off, with a couple of minutes between the groups.

Health & Safety tip for the day comes from a conversation before we set off. One of our girls (can’t remember who!!) said she was thinking of getting a fluorescent pink top, to be highly visible to traffic, but which does not attract midges like the fluorescent yellow tops do. Great idea!

Peter Short’s group pedaled off heading down to pass the entrance to the Flitch Way, where we hesitated while Peter had a conversation with passers-by. The shortest group caught up with us and gently heckled us to get us on our way! We rode across River View, joined London Road and followed Route 16 down to Terling. As we went past Hatfield Peverel Station, Peter Skirrow and I were discussing the new housing development on the old dairy site. With my eco-views, I think it is an optimal site for housing, because at least new residents have a railway station to get to work


As we joined The Street through Hatfield Peverel, I saw what appeared to be a tree surgeon’s sign, with an Action Man model. On closer inspection, it was bigger than Action Man, and was actually a carved tree surgeon figure, about 15” high. Quirky and visually interesting.

We pedaled on to Di’s Diner, and we were the first group to arrive, soon followed by the long groups. I like Di’s Diner, because it is cheap and cheerful. Ed - The short group had arrived at Terling for their break.

Peter’s group pedaled off back along The Street through Hatfield Peverel. We still are not good enough splitting into groups of five. It’s difficult to see when you are in the middle of the group, but it’s always worth just quickly counting how many are in line in front of you. If there’s five people in front, drop back a bit, particularly when going along roads where traffic can pass. It’s often the tail rider who can see when we should spread out a bit more.

We stayed on The Street until almost in Boreham, then turned right, heading via Terling and Fuller Street. Somewhere around the back of Gubbions Green, we stopped to reassemble, and I noticed Peter had a spectacular bruise on the back of his knee. He had no idea what had caused it, but he happened to stop with his right pedal raised, and as you can see, the bruise matched the size and shape of his pedal.


We pedaled back to Braintree – 23 miles, average 10.5mph. A lovely ride in good company.

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