Easy Riders are HOT!

It was a reduced number of Easy Riders who assembled on Drury Lane today. The long ride, led by Tim, pedalled off to Perrywoods in Tiptree, while the short and medium rides led by Gifford and Mick headed off to Kelvedon, via Coggeshall Hamlet.

Today, I was extolling the virtues of the frozen water bottle. I had two water bottles, one frozen, the other not. As I drink the defrosted water from the cold bottle, I decant the room temperature from the other one into it, thereby giving me more cooled water. It took us about an hour to pedal to Coggeshall Hamlet, and by then, my totally frozen bottle had no ice left. I was surprised how quickly it defrosted. Other ways of keeping a water bottle cool include wrapping the bottle in a wet cloth before putting it in a bottle cage on the bike, which I will try next time … if I remember!

As we pedalled down toward Kelvedon, we rode under the railway bridge. I noticed a quarry lorry approaching me, and was mildly surprised that he was driving, with his vehicle straddling the white lines in the middle of the road. Then I realised he was in the centre of the road because he was driving a high vehicle, and could have clipped the arch of the bridge had he remained on the left hand side of the road. This was definitely an occasion when I had to give way to the lorry!

Brian was particularly excellent at waiting on the junctions to make sure no-one dropped off the back of the group at key turnings. We arrived at the Kelvedon sandwich bar for much needed beverages and I was delighted to see they did Mr Whippy ice cream which was a great high fluid alternative to a bun!

We came back via Kelvedon High Street, up past Leapingwells Farm to Silver End. By this time it was seriously hot. Riding into the south side of Silver End, we made a very good job of spreading out well along the road, and traffic was able to pass us easily, moving right over to the other lane, with plenty of space for the cars to return to the left hand side of the road between our cyclists. We made our way to Fowlers Farm and dispersed to our various home locations.

Once home I calculated how much fluid I had consumed while out. One and a half 800 ml water bottles, large ice cream 200ml?, and a can of coke 330ml – just over a litre and a half of fluids (c 3 pints). When I got on the scales, it showed I’d lost 2lb in one morning! And I won’t mention the colour of my urine! Suffice it to say I had not drunk enough! So for the rest of the day I hit the home-made soup, salad, fruit, water, milk etc. And a tip for anyone looking after an elder relative, or who struggles to drink enough fluids – try eating jelly. It’s just solid water and sometimes easier to get down than a drink.

Next week, I’ll try two frozen water bottles, each in a wet sock in the bottle cage. I’ll let you know how successful this is.

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