Mick’s 40 Miler Mystery Tour

Meeting in Drury Lane we all set off promptly navigating the cobbles of the High St and headed along London Rd. Only Jim D riding rear guard new the exact location for our lunch stop. For the rest of us it was follow the leader or follow the instructions given. We knew we were heading South West as the wind was in our faces constantly.

Through the Leighs to Banters Lane and then on to Wheelers Hill crossing Regiment Way to Lt Waltham, turning left towards Chelmsford City Centre. At Broomfield Library we turned right towards Melbourne then joined the cycle pathsthrough Admirals Park to Writtle.

Edney Common, Loves Green and Highwood were all new names to some of us as we headed even further South West, in the distance you could see the rain clouds forming.

Only 2 miles to go based on our lunch break was half way of the advertised 40 miles.

We arrived at the tea room in a light shower but it soon turned Black More heavier rain followed we vacated the external seating to the chairs inside. The menu was sufficient to cater for all our needs and our piggy banks LOL.

Back on the saddle we cycled 100 metres then waited for the tail riders. Once grouped we headed for Norton Heath on the A414 and then Radley Green. Cycling with the wind behind we soon made  the equestrian college in Writtle where one of our mounts punctured.

The remaining journey home took us on some of the cycle tracks already covered eventually taking Chignall Rd thenturning for Gt Waltham and Howe Street.

At Hyde Hall Lane some of us enjoyed the excellent road surface and raced off but waited at the next junction for the remaining riders. I won’t mention names but someone said “that’s the last of the rain” 2 minutes later there were 9 Cyclist very closely bunched together under a tree for shelter.

Our final miles saw us navigate Lt & Gt Leighs returning to Braintree along London Rd.

Mick’s Mystery tour lasted 45 miles 21miles to tea room and 24 miles back, so where did we go?

Answers on a post card please.


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